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11 August
United States
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ani difranco, anorexia, art, asia, being alone, being antisocial, being lost, being me, being soulless, black, black clothes, black make-up, black nail polish, blood, books, celtic goddesses, celtic gods, cerebral palsy, crying, cutting, death, drawing, dreams, dying, egypt, egyptian goddesses, egyptian gods, feminism, friends, goddesses, gods, greek goddesses, greek gods, greenday, horror, ireland, italy, jazz, la, lack of people, leaving, marilyn manson, metal, music, nine inch nails, nirvana, orange, ozzy osbourne, pain, painting, places, poetry, poppy z. brite, prose, punk, reading, religion, rock, roman goddesses, roman gods, sketching, staring, stuff, suicide, tears, the exorcist, thinking, thoughts, tool, vampires, wicca, wishes, witchcraft, writing
What ever the fuck you want to know is in my journal, everything I write anymore is friends only, if you add me I may add you, probably not though because I hate you.